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Our site may obtain, collect and analyze information and data about Your general Internet usage by means of a Cookie file which is most commonly stored on Your browser and / or on Your computer’s hard drive. Cookies help Us improve Our Website, services, expertise and im-prove Your overall user experience.

The purpose of the Cookies is to assure that Website works and operates properly, maintain and improve it’s functions, speed up and develop it’s performance, and/or to deliver collected information to the Administrators of the Website for the developing purposes. We will issue Cookies immediately as You visit the Website unless Your Internet browser is set to block Cookies.

It is important to emphasize that some of the Cookies are used because they are essential tool for Website operations and functionalities and You are advised not to block them. Anyhow, If You still decide to block use of Cookies on Your computer’s hard disk, You can do so by activating a setting in Your browser.

Activation of Cookies blocker enables You to choose either blocking entire or just part of Cook-ies (i.e. Block All No-essential Cookies). If You block all the Cookies, there is a great chance that You might not be able to access all the pages of the Website and / or to use all the functionalities of the Website.

We have to emphasize that our Website includes Third-Party’s Content or some other type of external services. These providers, partners and contents use Cookies as well though We have no control or insights over their Cookies and it’s usage. For these reasons, We advise You to read carefully any Cookie Policy issued by our Partners in order to avoid any misuse of Your personal information collected and processed by these Administrators.

Therefore We recommend that You also read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to be informed about how these third parties process and collect Your Personal Information.


Our services use cookies and other similar technologies, such as local storage (collectively referred to as “cookie” or “cookies” in this document). Parts of the data that is kept in cookies could be interpreted as (online) identifiers and therefore may qualify as user information, especially when this data is combined. However, we consider the data we process through cookies anonymous, since this information does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person. For full transparency, however, we have outlined more information on the cookies that are placed through our services below.


A cookie is a small file that is being delivered to you through the webpages of our services and that is being stored on your computer. Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or application to store information locally on your computer, mobile device or other device. The information stored in cookies is being used by us each time you visit our services. Cookies help us to analyze the traffic to and from our services and deliver our visitors a better experience during their visit.


Cookie consent and Withdrawing Consent

You may opt out of cookies by selecting the appropriate options made available on our services or by taking the other actions set forth herein. By affirmatively accepting the use of cookies, you have consented to the use of our cookies. However, you may also affirmatively indicate your consent to the use of our cookies by otherwise using our services without opting out or otherwise disabling cookies.


You can block cookies for other websites by following third-party opt-out instructions. One way of doing this is to change your internet browser settings by following the instructions provided by your browser provider. These are normally located within the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Edit’ menus. You can also use a third party tool to manage cookies.


If you know the third party cookie that’s being used, you can follow their instructions to opt-out. For example, you can opt-out from Google Analytics cookies by visiting Google’s website. However, this may not delete the cookie from your browser altogether. It may just stop the cookie from being sent to your computer in the future.


Some web browsers let you delete cookies completely. If your browser allows it, you’ll be able to change your settings to delete cookies when the browser is closed.


If you do not accept the cookies you will still be able to browse our services but some parts of the services will not work properly. In this sense, we are not responsible for any possible inconvenience regarding the proper functioning of the website and the server.


Types of cookies we use

Persistent cookies – By using a persistent cookie, we can recognize you when you visit our services. We use this for analytical purposes and tailoring the site to your preferences. This way you do not have to set your preferences every time you visit our site, thus saving time and making your use of our site more pleasant. These cookies can be removed through the settings of your browser.


Session based cookies – By using a session based cookie, we can see which parts of the service you have viewed during your visit. With that information, we can optimize and adapt the service as much as possible to the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.


Cookies we us

Analytical cookies – Our services use first party and third party analytical cookies to collect information about your visit to our services.


(i) First Party Analytics - We place our own analytical cookie. The information in this persistent cookie has a retention period of 12 months. We consider the data we process through analytical cookies anonymous, since this information does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person.


(ii) Third Party Analytics - A third party analytical cookie is placed by our third party analytics affiliates as part of our use of their analytics services. Those analytics services may transfer this information to third parties only when required by law or in cases where third parties process the information on their behalf. We have no influence on this. We have not allowed those services to use the information acquired through the analytical cookies for other services or advertisements. The information those services collect is anonymized as much as possible. We have asked them to anonymize any IP-addresses by changing the last octet of each IP. The information is transmitted to the third-party service and stored on their own servers in the jurisdictions of their choices. Where available, we execute data processing agreements with our third-party services.


Language filter cookie - We store your language setting in a persistent cookie after you click on that feature. This cookie can be removed through the settings of your browser.